Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your energy and your loving and caring attitude. I felt really safe and welcome and not silly at all. You shifted something...thank you! I’m very happy that I was sent to you by spirit 😊 take care, and lots of love and happiness down your road..... Cynthia


I was at a stressful time in my life when I felt I really needed a psychic reading. I found Paula's website and arranged one with her. This was one of the most positive, life-changing experiences I have ever had. She is amazing - she's a very calm, gentle, genuine and caring person who totally understands any issues you have. The messages were insightful, gentle and gave advice that I hadn't thought about personally. Really made me rethink and put a different perspective on everything. She gave great advice about making subtle changes along with some positive suggestions. The meditations which link from Paula's website (to her Facebook page & YouTube channel) are great and highly recommended. I had a further healing session with Paula a month later which was excellent and very beneficial. I felt a lot of tension had literally dissolved afterwards. I found Paula's sessions are very good value for money and would highly recommend her to anyone, I truly have a lot to thank her for...... Sandra M.


I had a reading with Paula on Monday just gone and I have to say it was the best reading I have ever had! It was thorough, all about me, what I was going to be doing in the future, just what I wanted to hear, very professional and I recommend Paula to anyone who wants or needs a true and honest reading for themselves.... Jill Hague

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for my reading yesterday!!!... I feel really great today and have alot more clarity on things. Thank you.... Laura

I visited Paula whilst on holiday from the UK. I was struggling to enjoy my time in Australia due to feeling very very low with all the negative energy I was carrying from the terrible year I'd had prior. I actually thought I needed professional help to get me back to my usual very positive self. My inner self told me I needed healing so I found Paula. Throughout the healing I experienced a lot of different emotions, I saw an array of beautiful colours and was totally relaxed and at ease. When my healing finished I felt so strong, powerful and confident I INSTANTLY felt better after 1 hour. Ready to face whatever life had to throw at me be it good or bad. I write this 3 months on and I still feel fantastic. I have seen many healers and Paula is by far hands down the best. Highly recommended and thanks again xxx.... Vicky O’Brien

It was great to have learned Reiki Level 1 with Paula. She was very easy going, supportive and professional. Her extensive experience as a healer is a great source of wisdom and knowledge. I felt very comfortable with Paula and learned a lot. I was able to ask lots of questions and practice the Reiki so I felt very confident in doing and experiencing the art of Reiki. I wasn't lost in a crowd or pressured for time. Since Paula's Reiki Courses are taught one on one, so the day was focused only on me and very well paced. Thank you so much xo.... Jen Gream


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the healing the other day. It's like a dark cloud lifted immediately after. And good things are already happening. I found a job in the government which is a lot less stressful and the abundance is flowing again after so long. I cannot thank you enough!!!... Rebecca


Paula is a wonderful, loving and gentle soul. And she has some really good humor, very down to earth and you feel completely safe with her. The session tremendously shifted the heavy energies I was stuck in the past months with. It all makes sense now and I have a clear vision of how to follow myself on to the next cycle. Thank you, Paula, from the bottom of my heart. You are a true healer.... Cynthia D.


I was getting pain in my upper back and felt a pressure I could not alleviate with almost weekly chiro, osteo or massage visits. This had been steadily building in dull pain over a few years. I was drawn to the idea of reiki and was so glad I tried it! After the first visit a week ago I felt lighter and more centered and like a weight had been taken off that area, Paula told me I had a blockage in my heart chakra, which is located in the same area my pain was. Today was my second visit and I feel even more light and relieved of the dull ache, as well as peaceful. Dramatic effect and I feel more "right" than I have in years! Don't need any more treatments for the moment and I am so happy and grateful to Paula! A wonderful warm lady who has helped me immensely, I will be back soon for a Clairvoyant reading! Thanks for looking after me so well Paula :) .... Nikki Chrisanthis


Initially, I had a psychic reading from Paula, as I needed some guidance and clarity at the time. I found Paula to be very caring, compassionate and non-judgmental. The channeled messages and guidance that came through were very accurate about my situation and helped me to move out of feeling heavy and stuck. I then decided to have a healing with her, and it cleared some energy blockages and pain I had been carrying for some time, so much so, I decided to do Paula's Reiki courses shortly after. This has set me on a new path in my life. I feel much more in balance and focused now. I found Paula's Reiki Training to be very informative and professional. She has a lot of knowledge and experience to share. I can highly recommend Paula's services. Thank you.... J. C.


Thank you, Paula, for all the spiritual guidance you have given me, it has really helped me find my way to a more spiritual and peaceful life. The meditations on your YouTube channel and Facebook page, have also helped me to relax more and have guided me through some issues of fear I was dealing with. My life has definitely changed for the better with the guidance you have given me, thanks.... Angela Bethell


I have been wanting to learn Reiki for many years. I am so glad that I met Paula, I really enjoyed my Reiki training today and I felt very comfortable and welcomed. I also enjoyed the one-on-one training and I look forward to learning Reiki 2 in the future. Thank you for this positive experience..... Kylie D.

It is normally hard for me to ask for help, in any form. Paula opened her heart to me. Having a knowing and holding faith that I would receive what was and is needed for me at this time during my first reading and healing. A major question that I have always struggled with in my life has been "what is my purpose here on earth". All the questions I had in my heart, they were all heard and touched on. Since my first visit, my world has changed dramatically through taking on board her messages. I have since then, returned for an overall healing. The experience was surreal. I could feel my nervous system flowing as if they had been clogged for a while, then as they flowed I felt like those particular areas were bathing under a crisp pure waterfall. I tended to drift off like I was present but not. What an amazing feeling. All in all what a beautiful and uplifting experience. Thank you, Paula for all that you are and I will see your gorgeous soul in the near future. Love and Light...... Waina Ngaheu


4 months ago I had open heart surgery. My recovery was long and stressful taking my blood pressure to high levels. The only thing the doctors could do was to put me on more medications which left me like a zombie. My daughter told me about Paula and her psychic ability and healing. One visit to Paula for a Reiki session and I have not looked back. Now I'm on half the medications I was on. I have joined a gym now. Thank you, Paula you are a true angel.... Ora T. 


I am so pleased I had Paula to teach me Reiki level 2, having the one-on-one training with her was great. I especially enjoyed the benefits of learning one on one as it gave me the opportunity to ask more questions and practice longer, I learned so much from her as the day was all mine. Paula provided a welcoming environment to learn in. I felt comfortable in asking her questions along the way which she answered in a way I could easily follow. I left feeling confident that I could do Reiki on others with the knowledge Paula shared with me. Thanks Paula :) ..... Angela B. 


I have had a couple of psychic readings from Paula now, and have found her readings to be very accurate and insightful. I always feel lighter and clearer after. The guidance that comes through Paula and her spirit guides is so helpful, and for me, it's life-changing, as I feel it's more than just a reading. Paula has helped me so much, that I am a changed person. You are my angel xo..... Sue D. 


I have been seeing Paula for a few months now and would highly recommend her to anyone with health or mental challenges or for a psychic reading. I was drawn to Paula for assistance with health issues at the time and have continued seeing Paula as I truely believe her work, with the guidance of spirit world, have played a big part in my recovery and will assist in my on going health moving into the future. Paula is genuine, sincere, friendly, professional and real.... Chris Leighton


I was dealing with an emotional issue that needed to be brought into the light and shifted as it was having a detrimental impact on me. The Crystal Healing Chair helped me to explore other levels of my being and the universe with blissful ease and to become aware of and make peace with the underlying cause of my issue. I would highly recommend the chair and/or Paula's services to anyone suffering emotional pain, and to those who want to expand their awareness for personal and/or spiritual growth. It was a truly beautiful experience..... Louise Jackson


I have just completed my first and second levels in Reiki with Paula. I highly recommend Paula as she is a very caring and compassionate person and she provides amazing guidance and support, and checks in with me to see how I'm going after the course has finished. I have personally gained so much from her teachings and am very grateful for all she has done for me during my spiritual journey. I will be doing level 3 Reiki with Paula very soon, which I'm looking forward to with much anticipation.... Tracey Gonzalez

I experienced the Crystal Energy Healing Chair the other day, just by walking in the room. I felt so Light, so Happy, I cannot explain the energy that I felt and the feeling kept on throughout the evening. I only walked in the room to see the chair, by the way, it is MAGNIFICENT. I am looking forward to my full treatment. I cannot EVEN imagine what I will receive as a gift through the healing experience. Thank you for creating this wonderful chair.... Marianna Quint


While having a Reiki healing with Paula I found the heat and energy that flowed from her hands extraordinary. The effect on the body grounding. Her accuracy with reading, the connection with the spirit guides to be fulfilling, comforting and of great guidance. My pathway in life is now much clearer. Thank you so much..... Marcus


The Crystal Chair was a very enjoyable experience. I feel a lot lighter and clearer now. I highly recommend it for someone who needs healing and some deep relaxation and peace. Awesome Crystal Chair! Thank you xx.... Vivien L.